Sunday, 11 September 2011

High 5

5 weeks and counting till Once Bitten premieres. I've performed in over thirty shows in the past decade and I can confidently say a lot can change in 5 weeks. Bows have been done at dress rehearsals, some scenes weren't blocked until a full run with a couple of weeks to go, I finally understood the plot half way through the run of a farce and the male chorus are often mumbling through the words till the opening night.

We are nearly fully blocked - 3 of the 21 numbers remain. Once everything has been 'organised' the real adventure begins. At the moment I enjoy the team work of orchestrating the movement and the meaning in the lines, but running scenes individually reminds me of watching a film on my computer without the surround sound, atmosphere and high definition of the cinema.

We are moving into the next phase of the show where the actors take more ownership. They have to learn their lines and moves and then flavour the scenes with real energy and character. It is a joy watching a show week on week as an actor suddenly inserts a new 'bit' building the scene. Today, our lead Bella played by Justine pulled a wonderful face at her best friend who berated the man she lusts after - the face said so many emotions with horrified and upset at the top of the list. You can't make actors do it and you can't always tell them you need it, but a picture can tell a 1000 words.

This show will live and die by it being taken for what it is - lots and lots of fun and energy. With 5 weeks to go I hope the cast are ready to high 5 each other and charge towards the show playing around and adding more and more spice and flavouring to their performances. A great curry and chilli always has more taste and a kick the next day. With the show blocked and connected together it is time for the flavours to really come out and spice it up to an awesome opening night.