Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It all starts with the sell

Many months ago Richard and I embarked on a journey to rewrite his 10 year old Vampire musical Once Bitten and get our local dramatics society SMAOS to perform it. It shoots many yards wide of being a Twilight or a True Blood. It chews them up and spits in there face in a truly unapologetic British way. Enough on that though I'll save it for another day. I am going to use the power of blogs to tell my story as we take this new fangtastic show through the casting, rehearsing, tweaking and finally staging.

The show is written (some lib and music tweaks remain) and tomorrow night I face an audience of around 50 people as I present the show and effectively persuade them to be in it and audition for a lead role.

This is my third late night in a row as I've finished my day job and worked through the evening on tasks needed to get this new show on the road. In the past few days I've rehearsed the plot with a friend, recorded some vocals for the demo tracks, produced a PowerPoint presentation, read the script and chosen audition pieces, selected photos of potential costumes and built a fully functioning website with all the required content!

There are simply too many things to list that writing and directing a show entail. Being a director of a new show is akin to being the leader of business. Today I put on the hat of web developer, yesterday it was script editor and tomorrow it will be salesman.

I am ready to goto bed now and will lie restless with anticipation of what lies in store. I feel well prepared and that accompanied with my energy and enthusiasm are (I hope) enough to get everyone on board for one of the most exciting projects and adventures of mine and there life.

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