Monday, 3 October 2011

2 weeks till bite night! Magic time!

In two weeks time the curtain raises on a stage of zombies and vampires as our new musical opens. Right now we are at that awkward stage where actors lines are a little hazy, some dance steps are out, chorus members are finding their entrances and we have a set half built and lots of empty seats each night. This is the reality of theatre.

This is the 40th show that I have been involved with so I know everything will now piece together ready for a burst of energy in 2 weeks when the company hits the stage.

I'd like to share with you some of the key steps that remain to take a show to the stage. Firstly, I just sent out a sheet of entrances and exits for the chorus (this will minimize issues), tonight I have to produce a directors script with edits for the production team and Nigel (our set designed and my mentor throughout this process).

Next, we have a principal rehearsal Wednesday night where we need to run things together and ensure the end of the show really packs the punch it needs. I expect to help actors with their actable verbs.

Thursday is a production meeting where we ensure we are all taking the right actions to ensure we have all the props, costume and sound equipment. We currently do not - not unusual. Following the meeting it is a run through with the whole company.

Wow! I've only got to Thursday. Beyond that is our launch party on Saturday night in Baa Bar (everyone welcome) and then more run throughs, painting of set, construction of set, lighting design, costume checks oh and finally the more technical challenges of making people disappear on stage!!!!

It is fair to say the next couple of weeks are going to be busy but we have an awesome team assembled and every ones focus is like a lazer beam at this stage. This necessary focus always ensures the ingredients come together to form a potent spell for the audience. Let the magic begin!!!

(The photo is of John and Ben constructing the swivel door used by zombies etc. - it will look so different once it's painted and no set. Watch out for it!)

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